Instructions for Actors for Custom Humatar.

Instructions for Actors

  • A green screen studio, make sure the screen is well lit with no shadows,
  • A white background with no shadows that has clear contrast to the actor


  • A good quality camera is critical. Make sure to shoot with a dedicated video camera. Here’s what we need for the camera setup:
  • UHD resolution,
  • 2U.U7fps frame rate,
  • Position the camera at the same height as the actor’s eyes
  • Frame the actor from the waist up for a “medium shot”
  • Make sure the focus on the face is sharp


Good lighting sets the tone and feel for your avatar. Here’s what we recommend.

  • Use a three-point lighting setup,
  • Ensure fixed even illumination on the actor,
  • Avoid shadows, particularly across the face.

What if a three-point setup is not possible?

No problem, just make sure the actor is well lit from the front and clearly stands out from the background. Make sure to check there are no strong shadows across the face and body. Keep the light flat and even.

What should the actor’s performance look like?

To help you be “in character”, imagine you are giving a talk teaching your audience that positive thinking can help you be more confident in uncomfortable situations such as public speaking. You demonstrate this by means of your body language and overall performance which is:

  • happy, friendly and relaxed; you keep mouth slightly open (no talk), you are warm and inspire confidence

Submit your footage

Once you have recorded your footage then send your videos through to the Synthesys team using Google Drive.

To send your footage please contact the Synthesys team at:

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