How can we create our own Humatar?

Note: This is only available under cloning services. 

Contact our support for more information. 

Please note: each custom humatar needs the explicit consent of the person.

To clone your own Humatar, please follow the procedures below.

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Create Your Humatar tab
  • Process of creating a custom humatar
    • Video Background - ensure you have a distinct uncluttered background. No shadows. No green screen required. 
    • Camera - use a high-quality video camera, and USE 720p, 29.97fps.
    • Framing - position the camera at eye height and frame the upper body. 
    • Lighting - keep the actor well-lit with no shadows. 
    • Audio - make sure to have clear audio for the actor only. 
    • Color - provide video with the look you would like for your avatar.
    • Wardrobe - keep hair behind the head and avoid seeing background through hair.
  • Read our script through this link
  • Record 3 different videos of 1-2 minutes EACH. IMPORTANT - stay relaxed and calm.  In order to achieve the naturalness of the movements, imagine that you are reading a script for a video sales letter. You must also keep your lips semi-closed BUT not completely closed. See video 
  • Send your videos through to the Human Synthesys Studio team using your favorite file transfer services such as WeTransfer, DropBox, or Google Drive. To send your footage please contact the Human Synthesys Studio team at:
  • Our team will inform you once your own humatar is ready and it will be available and ready to use inside your account.
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